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Energy Star Appliances

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If you still have old appliances lurking around your home, you may be surprised to find out just how inefficient they really are. By taking the time and expense to replace this old appliances you can save a significant amount of money each month. On the plus side, you'll also be doing your part to save our most precious natural resource, the earth.
Energy Star appliances that have been certified can reduce your overall energy expenses every single month. With the average household using more than $2000 in energy every year, a simple switch can mean a big savings. By updating your kitchen, you can actually end up saving money in the long term. It is estimated that the average home can save up to $400 every single year on their power bill by replacing their outdated appliances with new Energy Star appliances.
In order to be classified as an Energy Star appliance, the unit must use 10 to 50% less energy than an old model and they must perform their task significantly better. This has resulted in new refrigerators costing less than an old toaster to operate. In addition, if just one home in ten made the switch to these newer models, it would produce the equivalent of 1.7 million trees in energy savings. This is far too much to be ignored.
There are numerous different kinds of Energy Star appliances for nearly every room in your home. You can easily find these new models at appliance stores every where and there may even be incentives in your state to make the switch. You can find refrigerators, dish washers, clothes washers and dryers, dehumidifiers and even air conditioning units. If you think about how much you use your air conditioning in the summer, this can present a very large savings for your home.
You can also find Energy Star appliances for your office. Numerous companies are now producing more efficient computers, monitors and printers that cost much less to run. These models will commonly go into a 'sleep' mode when they are not in use to reduce their drain on power even further. This allows them to use nearly 75% less electricity than older models.
Some of the latest advances in Energy Star appliances include lighting fixtures that use special bulbs. These new bulbs are manufactured to turn more useable energy into light and they cost a great deal less to operate. In fact, they are more efficient than fluorescent and halogen lighting options. Several states have instituted savings programs for homes that purchase these new bulbs. You can get special coupons to use at your neighborhood store that help reduce the overall cost of switching over. On the plus side, even those these bulbs are more expensive, they usually last much longer than their counterparts.
Energy Star is a government-backed program that helps consumers identify energy-efficient products, including appliances. Energy Star appliances are designed to use less energy and reduce greenhouse gas emissions without sacrificing performance or features. By purchasing Energy Star appliances, consumers can save money on their energy bills and do their part to reduce energy waste.

Energy Star was established in 1992 by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and has since been adopted by other countries around the world. The program uses rigorous standards to certify products that meet or exceed energy efficiency requirements. The Energy Star logo is a recognizable symbol of energy efficiency and is displayed on products that have been certified by the program.

The EPA estimates that if just one in 10 homes in the United States replaced their older appliances with Energy Star-certified models, it would reduce greenhouse gas emissions equivalent to removing 1 million cars from the road. The program also helps to reduce energy waste by setting standards that are higher than the minimum energy efficiency requirements set by the federal government.

Energy Star-certified appliances come in a wide range of categories, including refrigerators, dishwashers, washing machines, dryers, water heaters, and many others. The Energy Star program also certifies consumer electronics, lighting, and other products that use energy.

One of the key benefits of Energy Star-certified appliances is that they use less energy than traditional appliances, which can result in significant energy savings for consumers. For example, Energy Star-certified refrigerators use an average of 15 percent less energy than standard models. This can result in a savings of up to $165 over the lifetime of the appliance. Similarly, Energy Star-certified dishwashers use about 4.5 gallons of water per cycle, compared to the 6-8 gallons used by traditional models. This can result in significant water savings over the life of the appliance.

Another benefit of Energy Star appliances is that they typically come with features that make them more convenient and user-friendly. For example, Energy Star-certified refrigerators often have features such as adjustable shelves, spill-proof glass, and automatic defrost, which make them easier to use and keep organized. Energy Star-certified dishwashers also often come with features such as multiple wash cycles, automatic dispensers, and adjustable racks, which make them more flexible and convenient.

In addition to the benefits for consumers, Energy Star-certified appliances also benefit the environment. By reducing energy and water waste, Energy Star appliances help to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and conserve natural resources. This is important because energy use is a major contributor to global warming and climate change.

The Energy Star program also helps to promote innovation in the appliance industry by setting energy efficiency standards that manufacturers must meet. This encourages manufacturers to develop new, energy-efficient technologies and products, which can lead to even greater energy savings in the future.

In conclusion, Energy Star-certified appliances are a great choice for consumers who want to save money on their energy bills, reduce their environmental impact, and enjoy convenient and user-friendly products. The Energy Star program has been helping consumers make informed purchasing decisions for over 30 years and continues to promote energy efficiency and environmental responsibility. By choosing Energy Star-certified appliances, consumers can play a significant role in reducing energy waste and contributing to a more sustainable future.